We do 2 things at UBLA:
Urban design and urban communication

What does designing structures and spaces — and communicating about them — have to do with each other, you may well ask. Well, quite a lot, really.

UBLA is made up of architects with yearlong experience in communicating urban design to the users of the city: to the citizens.

Through our experience with publishing the world’s first and only popular urban architecture magazine, we have acquired a unique understanding of simultaneously “reading” the city as users, designers and communicators.

Unlike most architects, we have continuously communicated with the end-users of countless urban structures and spaces to develop a holistic understanding of how to create designs that are embraced by their users. And through the same dialogue with end-users, we have learned how to communicate about these urban spaces in a way that truly stimulates engagement with the city.

Design and communication are closely linked when we talk about the quality of urban life. But that doesn’t mean we need to help you with both. When working with just one, our understanding of the other helps us achieve better results.


Design Services

<div class="service-des-header">Urban design</div>Space design

Urban design
Space design

We design urban structures and spaces — or start out by supplying you with a catalogue of ideas for the future of a given space

<div class="service-des-header">Urban design</div>Strategic advice

Urban design
Strategic advice

Cyclism? Mixed-use? Connecting spaces? Small improvements? We will take a strategic look at your city and offer inspiration for future plans.

<div class="service-des-header">Urban design</div>Keynotes

Urban design

How to move your city in a direction that people will truly embrace? We offer keynotes and talks about designing structures and cities for people.


Communication Services

<div class="service-com-header">Urban Communication</div>Your own popular media

Urban Communication
Your own popular media

Wish to become an engaged city? Stimulate interest and pride through publishing a print or digital media and create a city narrative. The cost is low — the impact extremely high.

<div class="service-com-header">Urban Communication</div>Visuals, Campaigns & Tech

Urban Communication
Visuals, Campaigns & Tech

Need to inform or change behaviour? Don't talk to people in municipality-speak. We help you get a clear message across — and utilise tech wisely.

<div class="service-com-header">Urban Communication</div>Keynotes

Urban Communication

Let us help inspire and motivate you to engage your citizens through the communication you produce.