We are a small and agile team working in that overlapping field where architecture, communications and urban design meet up to create engaging spaces and cities for people.
Anders Ojgaard<br><div class="edu">Architect, MA<br/> Communications Science, MA</div>

Anders Ojgaard
Architect, MA
Communications Science, MA

With an educational background in both architecture and communications science, Anders Ojgaard embodies the soul of UBLA — working for more than 15 years in that energising field where spaces and the stories we tell about them come together.

Anders Ojgaard is the original founder of KBH magazine.

He has won a number of awards for his work, as well as twice being nominated for the 'Arne of the Year' award presented by the Academic Association of Architects in Denmark.

Anders is a regular member of various juries and advisory boards working to improve the quality of the urban space in Copenhagen.

He is also a guest lecturer in Cognitive Communications Science at the University of Copenhagen.

Anders has travelled the world extensively to study cities — and lived and worked in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Argentina and, of course, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Brian Lottenburger<br><div class="edu">Architect, MA</div>

Brian Lottenburger
Architect, MA

An architect with extensive experience from various housing projects in Copenhagen, Brian Lottenburger is truly a multi-scale architect, especially adept at designing well-defined urban spaces.

He has a bit of a magical eye — simultaneously working with every detail and how they all add up in the context they are surrounded by.

That's a useful quality when he helps Denmark's most famed art museum, Louisiana, design and set up their exhibitions.

It was equally useful when, before joining UBLA, he worked for a prominent architectural practice in Berlin, Germany. Here he designed master plans and participated in large scale building projects such as art museums and office spaces in China, Vietnam, Germany and North Africa.

A contributor and frequent advisor to KBH Magazine, Brian Lottenburger is no stranger to communicating architecture either.