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Probably the world's only 'popular urban planning' magazine
KBH Magazine
Copenhagen, Denmark
Active as digital publication

The engaged city

KBH magazine is how UBLA came into being. The magazine, founded in 2005, would go on to change the landscape of urban planning and design in the Danish capital, Copenhagen — engaging an entire population and spurring a new interest in the physical space shared by more than a million people.

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A city’s people is what makes a city thrive and grow stronger in competition with other cities. In the engaged city, a pride of belonging to the city infuses both the cultural life and business life with a new energy that propels further engagement and improvements to the city. The engaged city is the city that will succeed in competing with other cities for investments, creative minds and tourism.


Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels

Architect, founder / BIG

It is unique that Copenhagen has KBH Magazine. A magazine that deals with urban culture in a competent and relevant way with popular appeal and with the purpose of creating visibility and debate around the current and future Copenhagen, making it clear to all that the city is a living project that we ourselves take part in creating every day.

Involving through inviting

KBH Magazine flips urban planning communication on its head and speaks directly to the people of the city. The mission is to create and enforce the sentiment that we are all part of shaping the physical space that we inhabit. The magazine

  • Presents the city as an extension of the home — as a frame for the lives lived in it. A new bridge is not just a connector of A and B but a creator of new possibilities in the shared space, a cause for celebration.
  • Communicates not just planned projects but all the dreams about how things could be, stimulating public engagement.
  • Visualizes everything to both inspire and help understand.
  • Inspires a feeling of shared ownership by inviting the people of the city to contribute with their own ideas.
  • Helps create a city narrative by showing the past and the present and pointing different ways to the future.
  • Lets the people of the city show their take on it — fostering a sense of community and shared identity.
  • Opens the eyes of the citizens to the current opportunities in the city and motivates to explore it.


Jan Christiansen

Jan Christiansen

Chief Architect / City of Copenhagen

KBH is the magazine that in a talented, informal and pragmatic manner communicates to all Copenhageners about the city's reality and present developments. [...] We simply cannot be without KBH Magazine.

Huge reach and circulation

KBH Magazine published 57 print issues from 2005 to the end of 2010. It reached a steady circulation of 32,000 copies — equivalent of a circulation of apr. 440,000 had it been published in a major city like London.

As of 2011, KBH Magazine has been a purely digital media, still consulted by hundreds of thousands of readers each year. Around 6% of the entire adult population of Copenhagen follow the magazine on social media — a higher percentage than Brits following the UK’s biggest newspaper, Americans following the US’s, or Danes following Denmark’s.

Esben Orberg

Esben Orberg

Chief Communications Officer / Danish Union of Journalists

The value for the city of Copenhagen is enormous. The magazine reflects the city's aesthetics and spaces in an unparalleled journalistic concept. The loving-critical attitude towards architecture and cityscapes makes KBH Magazine a major image booster for the Danish capital. I love that magazine.

Publish your own

Publishing a popular urban design magazine as a city may seem untraditional. And it is. So far it has only happened in Copenhagen. But in terms of effectively communicating all the major changes in a dynamic city — and nurturing a positive spirit amongst citizens — a popular magazine is unrivalled as a channel, whether in print or digital, as well as in a league of its own in terms of value-for-money.

It will be the best communication choice your city ever made.




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